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      1.Can I use my private health insurance?

    Osteopathy is covered by most health insurers under ‘extras’ cover. We recommend contacting your private health insurer to clarify the terms and conditions of your policy. We have HICAPS which means your private health insurance claim can be claimed on-the-spot and you then only have the gap to pay.

      2.What payment options are available?

    We accept EFTPOS, VISA, Mastercard. We do not accept cash.

      3.Is Osteopathic treatment claimable under WorkCover, TAC, Veterans Affairs and NDIS?

    Yes, At Ascot Vale Osteopathy, all Osteopaths are registered to treat patients supported by third-party insurers such as WorkCover, TAC, Department of Veterans Affairs or NDIS.

    4.Is Osteopathic treatment covered by Medicare?

    Osteopathy is only covered by Medicare if you are eligible for a Chronic Disease management plan (CDM) Plan. CDM Plans are approved by your GP. Please consult your GP to see if you are eligible.

    5.Is there a deposit required to book an appointment?

    For Initial consultation we do require a deposit to be paid. For any return consult booked in–person or over the phone there will no deposit required.


    What is pain and how do you get rid of it?

    Pain is an unpleasant, subjective experience which is associated with actual or potential tissue damage. Physiologically, pain is critical for survival, but when pain starts to affect our quality of life, we ask, “how do I get rid of this feeling?”. W...

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    Psoas – Back pain and Breathing

    Psoas is a strong and powerful muscle, yet often overlooked, and tt can be responsible for a host of ailments. The Psoas muscle originates from the T12 and Lumbar spinal segments, where it blends in with fibers of the diaphragm (your primary breathing ...

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    What’s Your Why?

    Dr Chelsey Kedmenec explains why your Osteopath asks so many questions, and getting to know your Why.

      Osteopathic treatment and management is not just about the issue...

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    Injury Prevention: How accurate can we be?

    Injury prevention is an athlete's dream - Imagine being able to do what we love - exercise, sport, outdoor activities - without injury. How can we achieve this? Read on to find out…! read more

    How can your Osteopath help your child?

    Osteopathy is a holistic approach to the body that considers the interconnectedness of the body's muscles, joints and systems. Typically adults are the ones getting treated, but at Ascot Vale Osteopathy, we treat children f...

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    Take A Deep Breath

    Breathing is one of the most basic and fundamental functions of the human body, yet, a lot of us seem to do it all wrong. We don’t seem to worry about our breathing at all, until our breathing becomes abnormal. What we don’t understand is how importan...

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    Protect Your Shoulders

    Let’s talk about one of the most functional, but prone to injury areas in the human body, the shoulder complex.

     Shoulder Anatomy

    The shoulder is comprised of three bo...

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