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    The Perfect Bra for Your Recovery Home / Blog / The Perfect Bra for Your Recovery

    When you have had an injury or are recovering from breast surgery, it’s likely that you will experience limited movement and mobility. Working with an Osteopath is the first step to improving movement and reducing pain, but this is often part of a longer-term recovery strategy.

    An ill-fitting bra can cause neck, back and shoulder pain as well as postural issues. You may also experience discomfort or strain in your upper body because of a larger bust. While an osteopath can provide exercises to help relieve some of the pain you may have in the shoulders, back or neck, the right bra will make all the difference in making sure you’re supported in all the right places.

    At Ascot Vale Osteopathy, we are always looking for ways to improve your immediate feelings of comfort and wellbeing which is why we are delighted to announce a new partnership with specialised lingerie company, DeBra’s.

    With 21 years of experience, DeBra’s is an established authority on bras, lingerie, shapewear, and swimwear for the fuller busted woman (sizes 6-36, A-K cup). One of their key goals is to provide women with correctly fitted bras that are beautiful, comfortable, and supportive, no matter their shape or size.

    DeBra’s is also focused on helping women around Australia to find the right bra after experiencing pain and discomfort from either short-term or long-term injury, as well as post-surgery.

    Introducing front-opening and posture support bras

    Their range of front opening bras support women who, for whatever reason, have restricted mobility that impacts their ability to put on and remove a conventional bra that fastens at the back. This type of garment is perfect for women with shoulder pain or who experience restricted range of movement in the shoulders, elbows or wrists. Wearing this bra means you no longer have to reach behind your back and fiddle with a tricky clasp.

    DeBra’s also stocks a fantastic range of posture corrector bras which can alleviate some of the pain associated with having a fuller bust. The fuller coverage backs not only smooth unwanted lumps and bumps, but also provide wonderful support. These bras have a broader back panel, which spreads the weight of your bust over a larger surface effectively reducing the weight felt on the shoulders.

    The right bra can truly have a positive impact on your health and wellbeing. To help our patients feel supported in their journey, we can now offer you $20 off your first shopping experience at DeBra’s online store.


    To help support their customers find the right size bra online, DeBra’s offers live chat and virtual fittings with their in-store team.

    To learn more about how the right bra can help you with your discomfort or recovery, checkout these top tips and tricks from DeBra’s.

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