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    Mike O’Sullivan from LEAN Nutrition Tech is our dietitian and he is passionate about improving peoples’ health by using nutrition as medicine. He provides expertise in meal planning, education and advice for weight management, athletic performance, gut health, inflammation, intolerances, high cholesterol and diabetes. He is particularly specialised in developing and delivering nutrition programs where people can be supported fully in their goals for better health or performance through their diet.

    Through his innovative app you get direct access to dietitians at LEAN Nutrition Tech 9am-5pm, Monday to Friday via live chat and you can also connect to our dietitians for video consultation conveniently.

    • Nutrition Programs
    • Dietitian Consultations
    • Live Dietitian Chat For Food/Behavioural Tips
    • Video & phone consultations & coaching
    • Meal Plans with Recipes, Shopping Lists and Instructions
    • Motivational notifications
    • Nutrition and mindset education

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