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    Sahar, our amazing receptionist at Ascot Vale Osteopathy, embodies the essence of warmth and dedication in her role. With her welcoming smile and attentive demeanor, she ensures that every visitor to our clinic feels valued and cared for. Whether it’s your initial visit or you’re returning for another session, Sahar goes above and beyond to make your experience memorable and enjoyable.

    Born in Iran and raised in Dubai, Sahar brings a diverse cultural background to our team. Her journey led her to Melbourne four years ago, where she seamlessly integrated into the community and embraced her role at our clinic. Her multicultural upbringing reflects in her approachability and ability to connect with people from all walks of life.

    Beyond her professional responsibilities, Sahar leads a fulfilling life enriched by her hobbies and personal achievements. An avid reader, she finds solace and inspiration in the pages of books, constantly expanding her knowledge and perspectives. Additionally, Sahar enjoys exploring the vibrant streets of Melbourne with her partner, indulging in the city’s diverse cuisine and cultural offerings.

    One of Sahar’s recent milestones is her attainment of Australian citizenship, a testament to her commitment to her adopted home. This achievement not only reflects her integration into Australian society but also highlights her dedication to contributing positively to her community.

    In her role as a receptionist, Sahar exemplifies the values of hospitality and professionalism that define Ascot Vale Osteopathy. Her genuine care for others, coupled with her efficient organizational skills, ensures that every interaction with our clinic is seamless and pleasant. Sahar’s presence is not just felt at the front desk but resonates throughout our entire practice, creating an atmosphere of warmth and inclusivity.

    As we continue to serve our community with excellence, Sahar remains an integral part of our team, embodying our commitment to providing exceptional care and service to all who walk through our doors. We are grateful for her dedication and proud to have her as a valued member of the Ascot Vale Osteopathy family.