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    Amy is the resident Massage Therapist at Ascot Vale Osteopathy. Having studied two years of Myotherapy at Southern School of Natural Therapies, and now completing her Masters and fourth year of Osteopathy at Victoria University, Amy has a high skill set in soft tissue and deep tissue techniques, myofascial stretching, sports taping, and cupping. Along her academic journey she has found a passion for the Osteopathic Principles of holistic treatment, and is extremely interested in pain psychology and empowering patients with education.

    Amy is involved with a local VAFA football team as a sports trainer – She is very experienced in treating a wide variety of soft tissue and acute injuries at a Senior level.

    Outside of her work, Amy is an avid plant enthusiast, with a speciality in growing avocados from the seed. She loves a soy latte with one Monday to Friday and a sneaky G&T on the weekends. In her free time, Amy loves spending quality time with her partner and their two Golden Retrievers – Archie and Gus.Amy